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Wishing Upon a Star: Things to Know Before Making a Wish

by William Reid

Why do people wish upon a star? People believe that wishing upon shooting stars may fulfill their wish. In Pinocchio (Disney movie), Jiminy Cricket sings a song for Pinocchio, “when you wish upon a star” to make him comfortable. The song won an Oscar for Walt Disney.

wishing upon a star

Normally, you can frequently see shooting stars in the skies, and several people make a wish because they believe it will come true. According to Ptolemy (Greek astronomer), shooting stars happen because of gods.

Occasionally, the gods emerge at the earth from the spheres out of boredom and curiosity. When Gods look at you, they will be more receptive to your wishes. Consequently, some stars slip out and become visible as falling or shooting stars.

Along with Greeks, people from several cultures believe in the esoteric meaning of shooting stars. Nova Scotia of Mi’kmaw nation has a story of two sisters where two stars took them to heaven. One star was an Eagle, and the other was a hawk. After some time, both sisters started missing their people and begged Kluskap (the first human) to return to earth.

Kluskap agreed but told them to move without looking at heaven. A younger sister disobeyed and became a shooting star.        

Myths About Wishing upon a Star

People have different beliefs about shooting stars, such as spotting a shooting star falling on the right side brings good luck. If the star falls towards your left, it might bring bad luck soon. Moreover, the first star in the dark sky may have a special magic.

People of some cultures can recite a nursery poem while focusing on their wishes. They recite the “Starlight, Star bright” rhyme famous among parents and children. In England, people believe that looking at the first star appearing at night is a good time to make a wish.

Superstitions claim that you will soon come out of poverty. Moreover, you can say “money” three times while wishing upon a star if you need money. Sailors can forecast the direction of the wind by observing the shooting star’s direction. It was beneficial for ancient miners to navigate open seas at night time.

Ideas to Wish Upon a Shooting Star

Several ways are available to make a wish upon a star because every culture has its particular traditions. Here are some tricks to follow while making a wish.

Check Date of Meteor Shower

In fact, shooting stars are meteors of debris and interplanetary rocks. As they break on the earth’s surface, you can see the light in the night sky. Fortunately, you can check the date of the next meteor shower online and choose a secluded, dark place to make a wish.

If you want to make a wish on a falling star, you should be able to view the stars. It is almost impossible to see shooting stars in cities, suburbs, or large towns at night. You can easily choose a field, mountain, or isolated lack to see stars.

Set up your camp in a comfortable and dark area. Sit or lie down to see the night sky and falling stars. Feel free to bring water, snacks, and a camping chair for your comfort.

 Choose Your Wish

You cannot see numerous shooting stars at night; therefore, recognize the most important wish. Create a list of things you always need, such as a house, billion dollars, a laptop, etc. Note down everything that you want in your life.

Now, carefully evaluate your list to eliminate a few less important wishes. Some people say writing down wishes on post-it notes can make them a reality. Moreover, you can use your creative visualization to understand your goals and wishes.

 Imagine Your Wish Has Happened

Imagine you have fulfilled your dream because it can increase the probability of turning it into a reality. If you have faith in your capabilities, your wishes will come true. Instead of saying I need a better job, you can say, “I am qualified, intelligent and hardworking; therefore, I deserve the best job”. Remember, affirmative and positive language can increase the weight of your wish.

Avoid Irrelevant Wishes

If you believe in wishing on a star, you should not waste your wish with irrelevant desires. For instance, do not try to change a person because it is impossible to control someone else. Suppose a person wishes to make you successful and beautiful. Only you have control over these elements. It is only possible with your desire.

You may wish for things on behalf of other people, such as praying for a change in interview dates. It is useless to wish something like John should leave cricket or have a good smile, etc.

Rituals to Make a Wish

After selecting a good place and the best wish, keep an eye on shooting stars and imagine your desire. It is not necessary to keep staring at the sky for several hours. You can take small breaks after 30 minutes and readjust your eyes to the sky.

You can also follow rituals of your culture while making a wish. If you are lucky to see a shooting star, close your eyes and say the nursery rhyme while focusing on your wish. Say your wish in your mind instead of speaking out loud. Avoid telling others about your wish because it will not come true if you tell someone else.

Do not worry if you are unable to see a shooting star. You can wish upon a brighter star in the sky. Remember, bright stars are not legendary like shooting stars. Believe in yourself and your wishes because these may come true. Fill your mind with positive thoughts to get positive energy.

Final Words

Wish upon a star is an old tradition and several customs and rules to make a wish. In some cultures, people read “starlight, star bright” poem to make their wishes. Avoid telling anyone about your wish to make it come true. Moreover, you should believe in your wish because your faith and positivity play an important role in making your dream come true.

You can follow any tradition according to your beliefs and work hard to turn your dreams into reality. Some people believe in picking up a stone or tying a knot in your special wish before the shooting star disappears for good luck. Remember, luck only favors those who work hard honestly to turn their dreams into reality.

wishing upon a star

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