Transcription services with a human touch

No computer-generated jargon, no templates, just flawless and authentic transcriptions crafted by our team of linguistic experts. Professional standards, natural voice, impeccable grammar and style.

There is more to achieving a natural and authentic transcription than simply converting spoken information into text.  The transcription should replicate the style and tone of the original, and any imperceptible grammatical flaws from the spoken version must be corrected. This way, the transcribed version will replicate the style and tone of the original, reflecting the message flawlessly.

Our experienced team of professional linguists and transcriptionists can deliver impeccable transcriptions in 120 different languages—the kind that are accurate, natural, and really resonate with the reader. We can work with all types of audio or video format, and we can meet tight deadlines at an affordable budget.

Professional Human transcription by humans
per minute
  • ·      99% accuracy
  • ·      Professional transcriptionists
  • ·      Fast turnaround
  • ·      Certification available
  • ·      Annotate and share with
  • KoT’s interactive editor
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Smart Automated transcription
per minute
  • ·      90%+ accuracy
  • ·      AI-generated transcripts
  • ·      Fast turnaround time
  • ·      Machine-generated transcripts
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Enterprise English on-screen subtitles for videos
per minute
  • ·      99% accuracy
  • ·      FCC- AND ADA-compliant
  • ·      Profesional captioners and
  • linguists
  • ·      120 languages available
  • ·      Translated on-screen subtitles for videos
  • ·      Increase accessibility and
  • engagement
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Our professional human transcription services

What are Language Transcription Services?

Transcription is the art of converting visual and/or audio information to text, i.e. rewriting the text in the same language in which the visual or audio material has been provided. If you also need translation, our experts will transcribe the text before translating it.

We specialize in the transcription of information in the following areas:

Law and the legal sector; the medical sector; digital and print marketing; the arts; finance and financial services.

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What kind of information is usually transcribed by our team?

  • Audio and / or video recordings of conferences
  • Video and / or audio recordings of seminars
  • Video and / or audio recordings published on the Internet
  • Interview records
  • Records of educational material
  • Promotional recordings
  • Audio and / or video recordings of meetings

Transcription services: when are they needed?

We have found that there is a high demand for transcription services. The most common transcription requirements are for conducting research and court hearings, as the essential material is often verbally spoken and recorded. We have transcribed research notes and interviews for researchers, and for court cases, we transcribe police reports, discussions between clients and lawyers, or interviews with witnesses.

Transcription services: what is important for quality?

A transcription service must be performed with precision and clarity by a specialist with the relevant knowledge and skills. The transcribed text must match the verbal content exactly of the one that appears in the video or audio material. While there are many artificial ways to create a transcript, we know the most authentic and professional approach is to have an expert transcription specialist complete the task manually. Our experienced team members who provide transcription services can guarantee the highest standards of transcription available.

A good transcription maintains consistency, logic, and accurate of information. Only minimal corrections are made when necessary for clarity of the textual information.  Language and stylistic errors are also corrected (at the customer’s request) so that the text document is correct from a linguistic point of view. Any excessive repetition in the audio or video material can be reduced in the text document, and there is the option of adapting the text document for a specialist audience.

For urgent transcription projects, video or audio information can be shortened, and the transcription can be edited to focus only on the relevant essential aspects based on the purpose of the transcription. request. In this case, the content will be more generalised – highlighting only the most significant elements – and presenting the main idea. We guarantee full confidentiality.

You can submit the material for transcription in any format.

Our transcription services pricing

At Kings of Translation, we strive to offer the highest standards of professional service combined with exceptional value. We tailor our human transcription rates to the specific needs of our clients to ensure the perfect result for the best price. With our expert team working all over the world, we can provide round-the-clock service, guaranteeing a swift delivery time without compromising on quality. Interested? Contact us today so we can discuss your project.

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