On-Demand Video and Phone Interpreting Services

Experience Uninterrupted Communication with Our Global Network of 25,000+ Professional Interpreters, Available 24/7 to Cater to Your Diverse Language Needs in a Wide Array of Industries and Specializations with 15 seconds response time.

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Industry Expertise


Our interpreters assist in facilitating communication between healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder the provision of accurate and timely medical care. We cover various settings, including hospitals, clinics, telemedicine consultations, and more.


We provide qualified interpreters for legal proceedings, such as court hearings, depositions, and attorney-client meetings, ensuring accurate and confidential communication. Our interpreters have a strong understanding of legal terminology and adhere to professional ethics.


Our business interpreting services enable seamless communication during international conferences, negotiations, and meetings. We help bridge language gaps, enabling effective collaboration and fostering strong relationships with clients and partners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


Our interpreters support various government departments and agencies, aiding in diplomatic communication, international events, and public services. We ensure that our interpreters possess the cultural sensitivity and political awareness needed for seamless communication in these contexts.


We provide interpreting services for educational institutions, supporting communication between teachers, administrators, and students or their families. Our interpreters facilitate better understanding and collaboration, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder learning opportunities.

Customer Support

Our interpreters assist businesses in providing multilingual customer support, enabling companies to serve clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds effectively. We help enhance customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty through effective communication.

Travel and Hospitality

Our interpreters support the travel and hospitality industry, assisting hotels, airlines, and tour operators in communicating with international guests and clients. We help ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for travelers, regardless of their language.

Financial Services

Our financial interpreting services enable effective communication between banks, insurance companies, and their clients. Our interpreters have a strong grasp of financial terminology and industry-specific concepts, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality in all interactions.

Supported Language Combinations

Discover Our Extensive Range of Language Pairs

Enhance Services with Kings of Translation: 25K+ Interpreters Ready

As the influx of limited English proficient (LEP) speakers rises, accommodating their language needs becomes a challenging task. Here is where Kings of Translation can make a difference. With our network of over 25,000 certified interpreters available 24/7/365, we help your staff effortlessly navigate language barriers. Plus, we customize on-demand interpreting solutions to align with your organization's goals and compliance requirements. Trust Kings of Translation to enhance your service quality and organizational efficiency.

25,000+ Certified Interpreters

With a vast network of over 25,000 certified interpreters, Kings of Translation expertly bridges any communication gap in your audio and video needs.

240+ Fluent Languages

Our team boasts fluency and cultural proficiency in an extensive range of over 240 languages, providing accurate and nuanced translations every time.

24/7 Service Availability

We operate round-the-clock to offer on-demand interpretation services, ensuring reliable, high-quality support when you need it most.

100% Confidentiality Assured

At Kings of Translation, we prioritize your privacy, treating all interpretation services with the utmost confidentiality for your peace of mind.

Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

Dissolve communication barriers with our Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) service. Offering real-time linguistic solutions in over 200 languages, we provide instant access to our network of over 25,000 professional interpreters, each one adept at facilitating clear, effective communication. Whether you’re holding a global conference call, managing a business negotiation, or servicing a multilingual client, our OPI service ensures every voice is heard and understood. Just dial in, choose your required language, and within moments, connect with a skilled interpreter primed to assist your conversation. Embrace the simplicity of on-demand, global communication with our expansive Over the Phone Interpreting service.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Embrace the future of interpretation with our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services. Combining the benefits of face-to-face communication with the convenience of digital technology, our VRI service provides access to our extensive network of over 25,000 professional interpreters, proficient in over 200 languages. Whether you’re conducting a multinational video conference, facilitating an online training session, or addressing a diverse client base, our interpreters are on hand to ensure fluid, accurate communication. Simply select your desired language, and within moments, connect with an interpreter through a high-quality video link. Elevate your cross-cultural interactions with the enhanced understanding and personal touch that only our Video Remote Interpreting services can offer.

Interpreting Excellence

At Kings of Translation, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for all your interpreting needs. Our extensive network of over 25,000 professional interpreters ensures that you’ll always find the right language expert for any situation. With rapid connection times, 24/7 availability, and industry-specific expertise, our interpreters are well-equipped to handle diverse communication scenarios.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched. We maintain strict standards for our interpreters, ensuring that they deliver accurate, context-driven interpretations every time. Additionally, our flexible pricing plans make our services accessible to a wide range of clients, catering to various needs and budgets.

Choose [Your Company Name] for dependable, professional, and efficient interpreting services that help you overcome language barriers and unlock seamless communication.

Connecting with Interpreters Made Easy

1. Request an Interpreter

Simply call our toll-free number from your phone to request an interpreter. Select your desired language pair, industry sector, and any specific expertise required.

2. Instant Connection

Our advanced system will quickly match you with a qualified interpreter based on your specified requirements. We strive to minimize wait times, typically connecting you to an interpreter within seconds.

3. Seamless Communication

Once connected, the interpreter will facilitate communication between you and the non-English speaker, ensuring accurate and efficient interpretation. Our interpreters are trained to handle various scenarios and possess the necessary cultural sensitivity to maintain the context and meaning of the conversation.

4. Convenient Billing

Pay for the service based on the pricing plan or package you’ve chosen. We offer flexible payment options, including pay-as-you-go, monthly plans, or custom packages tailored to your specific needs.

5. Ongoing Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding our interpreting services. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your satisfaction.

Experience the Benefits of Our On-Demand Interpreting Services

Efficient Communication


Our rapid connection times and 24/7 availability provide instant access to professional interpreters, making communication more efficient and effective.



Our extensive network of over 25,000 interpreters, with in-depth knowledge of various industries, guarantees accurate and context-driven interpretations.



We offer tailored interpreting solutions to accommodate unique client requirements, demonstrating our adaptability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Global Reach


Our wide range of supported language pairs enables you to connect with partners, clients, or customers around the world without language barriers.

Security and Confidentiality


Our strict security measures ensure that your sensitive information is protected during interpretation sessions.



With flexible pricing plans, our services cater to various budgets, making professional interpreting accessible and affordable.

Advanced Equipment


We utilize cutting-edge technology and equipment to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted interpreting services, ensuring clear communication and optimal results.

Cultural Sensitivity


Our interpreters are not only language experts but also possess cultural awareness, ensuring that your conversations maintain context and respect cultural nuances.



Choosing Kings of Translation for your interpreting needs comes with a host of benefits that ensure seamless communication and exceptional service.

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On-Demand Interpreting Services Calculator
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