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List of Unique Norse Mythology Creatures

by William Reid

From the serpent circling this world to the powerful horse of Odin, the list of Norse mythology creatures looks really interesting. Remember, Norse mythology is about mythical creatures, including Kraken, Norns, elves, dwarves, and giants. These creatures flesh out changing destiny, gods, and exciting stories.

List of Norse Mythology Creatures

Every creature has specific powers, color, and size. See the details of the most famous creatures from Norse Mythology.


Norse mythology creatures

The female creature, Huldra, is depicted as a pretty lady with blonde, long hair and flowers on her head as a crown. Usually, men are afraid of Huldra because of her cow tail. She is entitled to “warden of the forest” and lures and seduces young men into mountains to imprison them.

There was a myth that Huldra would turn into an ugly, older woman if a young guy married her. Additionally, she would get extreme powers while losing her tail.


Norse mythology creatures

You will find two elves types in Norse mythology: Ljosalfar (the light elves) and Dokkalfar (the dark elves). The Ljosalfar were beautiful and considered as gods, while Dokkalfar lived below the earth and were black.

All are powerful and can cause diseases in humans and cure them. In childhood, elves looked like humans but had intuitive and magical powers.


In history, Fenrir is a famous wolf, the descendant of giantess Angroboda and Loki (Norse god). His siblings include the goddess Hel and the serpent Jormungandr. They were predicted to end the Ragnarok world.

Asgard’s gods raised Fenrir, who knew he would murder Odin in Ragnarok. They chained him using special bindings to avoid this murder. Ultimately, Fenrir managed to free himself from bindings and moved on to fulfill his fate. 

He did not look like a nasty creature but an important part of the natural life order. Fenrir becomes the foundation of several literary wolves later. 

The Mare

In the list of Norse mythology creatures, Mare was famous as a wicked beast. He is famous for sitting on people’s chests and giving them nightmares while they are sleeping. Perhaps, the word nightmare came from Mares. Some people believed he could embody living people’s souls in the night if they left their bodies.

Furthermore, Mares could be witches who easily transformed into different animals, including oxen, frogs, dogs, and cats, after losing their spirits. If a Mare touched living organisms, including cattle, trees, or people, it could entangle their branches or hair.


Norse mythology creatures

The World Serpent, or Midgard Serpent also known as Kormungandr, was born to Loki and Angroboda. He is a brother of wolf Fenrir and had an important role during Ragnarok. It was predicted that the serpent would grow large to encompass the world and bite his tail. As he released his tail, it would be the commencement of Ragnarok.

Odin throws Jormungandr into the water (sea) surrounding Midgard to prevent him from fulfilling a task written in his destiny. Thor kills Jormugandr during Ragnarok, and the serpent’s venom also poisons Thor.

The Kraken


In Norse tales, the famous sea monster Karen is a huge octopus or squid. People mistook its body for an island because of its size. If anybody set foot on the island, they could die after sinking in the water or become a feast for the huge monster. Once the Kraken rises to the surface, it can cause huge whirlpools to attach ships easily. 

In the list of Norse mythology creatures, the Kraken is an interesting creature with a fishy smell and squid shape. The Kraken had the powers to become a huge squid.

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