Gen Z Slang: A Comprehensive Guide on Language and Phrases

by William Reid

Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, are under the spotlight because of gen z slang and phrases. Aside from slang, lingo, and reams, there are several things to discriminate the youngest generation from each other. Zoomers mean members of generation Z or individuals born between the late 1990 and early 2000s. 

Gen Z slang

The “Zoomers” term is a modification of baby boomers and is used for physically active boomers. According to research center Pew, generation z was from 1997 to 2012, and currently, they can be between 9 and 24 years old. It is not necessary to find people from this age group in the similar cohort.

According to Pew center of research, there are some differences among Gen Z and their ancestors. Indeed, Gen Z is diverse as compared to other earlier generations. They are educated and liberal on different topics, including same-sex marriages, climate change, and race. However, these groups have existed for decades and established strong foundations for gen z language and identity.

Gen Z Slang Relation to American African Dialect English

In early 2021, there was a skit by Saturday Night live known as Gen Z hospital where everyone used the slang of the youngest generation. They use common phrases, such as “sus, the tea and catch hands” were a celebrity of the day.

It is not new because of several conflations of Gen Z and AAVE’s slang in the previous year. In fact, Zoomer culture is heavily inclined by AAVE, which means their unique and innovative phrases are based on phrases from previous generations.

Zoomers and Google

Zoomers are a fascinating generation and younger than search giant Google. On 4th September 1998, Google came into existence and replaced the maximum conversation that could have happened between kids and their parents. Siri or Alexa might give several answers to children.

Influence of Social Media Apps

Millennial was famous for their cellphones, but Zoomers got smartphones that are portable computers. As a result, they can interact with their tribes of echo chambers. Their parents could track their moves and they were nudged anyway.

Number of Women and Men in College

In gen z, men are least interested in academics than women. For females, education is tailored; therefore, 60% of females attend college. In fact, these stats can impact the income gap and executive jobs.

Go-To Entertainment

Over 90% of Zoomers prefer to enjoy video games almost once a week. They find it satisfying to spend time in the virtual world. Perhaps, the world is dealing with serious screenagers. It can influence their interpersonal and communication skills in the future, but it is too early to give a statement.

Characteristics of Generation Z

If you want to identify gen z, it will be easy for you with the help of characteristics. Here are some prominent things to notice.              


Several gen z members are more ethnically and racially diverse than earlier generations. They prefer open-minded culture and are more empathic and accepting of gender and racial differences. For these people, gender and race are ordinary characteristics of a person.

Digital Natives and Researchers

For generation z, there is no world without smartphones and the internet. In fact, they do not know a generation without these things. They are experts in navigating tech compared to their predecessors.

Indeed, technology is their lifeblood, and they prefer to read online specs, critiques and reviews before making a deal or purchase. They have better resources to do their research before spending money.


Tech has dramatically changed the world and made things easy. As a result, gen z is becoming more impatient. They know what they need and want to get it now. Remember, they are raised in a different world where deliveries on the same day are normal instead of an extra option.


For millennials, collaboration and teamwork are extremely important. This generation is fiercely independent and more competitive. Their life revolves around follows and likes on social media. To quantify this concept in their daily life, they strive to be a perfect person.

Flexibility for Physical Appearance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the current generation proved to be flexible regarding place and time. They are free from boundaries, and they can make connections with someone without any limitations. Yet, the old generations deal with this problem, and it was tricky for everyone, even the millennials to manage remote relationships. Nowadays, zoomers are changing everything, even businesses. Entry of zoomers into the workforce increases the chances of a permanent remote working shift.

Gen Z Linguistic Code

Gen Z slang

Undoubtedly, dialogues can change with your maturity and diverse age cohorts. Several things may become prominent. You may grow in and out of associates with time. Remember, you were born in a particular generation and remained its part during your entire lifespan.

Everyone reacts differently, such as some people becoming conservative with maturity from adolescence to mid-age. They will follow a particular language code, such as American youth pronounces several words that end with “ing” sound like “in”. Additionally, the word “talking” is “talkin” for them.

They begin using the right pronunciation as they grow older. After entering the workforce, they prefer to use acceptable and conservative language. At the moment, gen z is the least conservative unit. They like to do experiment by observing people and rebel against the traditions of their parents.

Gen Z Slang and Vocabulary

The words of gen z are the most important part of any language (either new or old generation). In fact, youngsters are famous for linguistic innovations similar to older generations. Nowadays, gen z slangs are really vibrant, but slangs change frequently.

If you have a list of trending slang words, it will only be valid for six months because you will see new slang. For instance, “mood” was a common world yesterday, and now “vibe” looks trendy and happy nowadays.

Today, we will share some trending slangs, but these may become history if you are reading this article after six months. Here are some famous gen z slangs:

  1. Rn (right now): Common in social media texting.
  2. Lit (really cool): It means something really cool or awesome.
  3. Salty: It is good to describe a moody person.
  4. All g (all good): Common phrases to tell all good.
  5. Tbh (to be honest): In 2011, it was introduced on Facebook and now it is a common gen z phrase.
  6. Shipping: if two people make an amazing couple, you can chip them by making a shipping name. For instance, you will merge their name somehow (John + Emily = Joily).
  7. Dab: It is a dance move that requires you to put head down towards the left while pointing arms towards the right.
  8. Lol (laughing out loud): It allows you to express that you find a particular thing really funny.
  9. Fam (family): It is used to describe your family and close friends.
  10. Throwing shade: It means you are speaking negatively for someone.
  11. Glow up: It means transformation or makeover from worse to great.
  12. Cancel culture: It means you are shaming the opinion or actions of a celebrity, organization or company.
  13. CEO: It means you are a pro or master.
  14. Stan: It is a fusion of fan and stalker. Stan means you are obsessed with someone, but not creepy.
  15. W (win): In gen z language, it means win.
  16. E-girl or E-boy: It means goth or emo culture and express themselves with the internet.
  17. Ghosting: It means you are ignoring someone and stop replying to their texts.
  18. Dank: It means high quality or excellent.
  19. Boujee: It is good to describe someone or something fancy or extravagant.
  20. Big Yikes: It means you are embarrassed and do not do justice.
  21. Cap: You can use this term to express something is a lie. If you want to say you are truthful or authentic, you can say no cap.
  22. Finna: It means I am going to.
  23. High-key: Remember, it is an opposite term of low-key.
  24. Simp: Use it to express someone is doing too much for his/her crush.
  25. Cheugy: You can use it for something that is not trendy.
  26. Camp: Ironically trendy or crocs for camp aesthetic.
  27. TFW (that feeling when): Use it if you get off on a Friday for early work.
  28. Snack: Use it for a person who looks attractive.
  29. Woke: It means becoming politically aware.
  30. Take Several Seats: Tell this to a person who is increasing your frustration.
  31. Sip tea: It means spilling the tea. Sip tea reflects you are sittingsitting comfortably in a gossip group to listen instead of partaking in this session.
  32. Drip: It is a term for sexy or cool style or trend.
  33. Sheesh: Use this term to hype someone up about their looks or performance.
  34. Bop: Exceptionally good album or song.
  35. Rent free living: Someone living on your head and you cannot stop thinking about him/her.
  36. Iykyk (if you know, you know): it is an acronym used to reference an internal jog or a code word for a particular community.
  37. Hits different: For something better and unique.
  38. Vibe check: Check the mood or energy of someone.
  39. Catch these hands: (To begin a fight) It is for confrontational matters.
  40. Period: Add intensity or emphasis to a point.
  41. Finesse: Means manipulate or trick a situation or a person to get what you require.
  42. Drag: Make fun of or criticize someone.
  43. I am Weak: It is like I am dead and it is a term for something hilarious.
  44. Slaps: It is used for something exceptional.
  45. Main character: It is for charismatic and well-liked personality. Use this term for a person who is going to make a scene in a good way.
  46. Sus: Someone suspicious or suspect. Use it for a suspicious behavior.
  47. Tea: it is a gen z slang for gossip.
  48. Drag: Used to criticize someone or make fun of a person or a thing. It is similar to roasting a person.
  49. G.O.A.T (The greatest of all time): It is an acronym for someone incredible.

Health Issues in Gen Z

Mental disorders are common among gen z, such as anxiety disorders, ADHD, depression, and behavioral disorders. Indeed, education, recreation and disruption of life can increase anxiety and stress. As a result, young people feel angry, concerned and afraid.

Some common reasons for sleep disorders are poor hygiene, electronic devices, too warm beds, etc. Moreover, sleep deprivation is also increasing among youths. Due to sleep deprivation, youngsters may experience mood swings, depression, and low mood. To avoid this situation, you have to avoid alcohol and tobacco.

For good health, you should sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation increases the chances of suicide, depression and anxiety.

Final Words

Gen Z language originates after the modern age of the internet. In 2004, Facebook changed the world after seven years of millennials birth. After three years, Apple launched its first iPhone in the market. Indeed, Gen Z is consistently growing up and 95% of the generation (aged between 13 and 17) can access a smartphone. Moreover, 97% people are actively using social media.

Gen Z slang

Gen zers consistently set mainstream trends and are low-key about this trend. Additionally, gen z phrases are famous among the young generation. The youngsters use traditional phases with new meanings to decrease inside jokes, culture, community and excitement.

Remember, you are not alone. If you are from old and low-key generations, it can be difficult for you to understand new words for everyday life. Indeed, you can keep people from different cultures connected with you by mentioning faves, sliding and likes into D.M.s.

It is the right time to interpret the message your words are sending around the globe. You have to foster a unique community and embrace gen z culture behind the meaning of slangs and phrases. These words can explain your expressions and experience. Moreover, you can embrace changes in culture and language along with the right gen z phrases.

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