Enchanting Table: Unlock the Codes to Read this Language

by William Reid

Minecraft world has many mysteries and secrets for players to explore and encounter surprising objects. Enchanting table language is a mystery for players because it is completely different. Several people wonder if it is a mystery or secret code. If you have to understand or read the enchanting table, read this article and understand the meaning of each word.

Enchanting Table

Without understanding this language, you cannot translate the text written on the enchanting table of Minecraft. The language of the enchantment table is taken from Commander Keen (another game). This in-game language is famous as the Standard Galactic Alphabets. In the galaxy, it was famous for representing the alien language. Now, this language is famous as Minecraft’s enchanting language.

Understand the Meaning of the Enchanting Table

Initially, you may find it difficult to read the enchanting table. To read this language, you have to follow an easy pattern. The Galactic alphabets substitute Latin alphabets; therefore, you can read it easily with a conversion chart. After deciphering the Enchanting Table, you may realize several words are meaningless in English.

The language does not correlate to enchantments and cannot help you in the enchanting procedure. A conversion chart can make it easy for you to translate this language and read several phrases and words written on the table. Numerous words may not make sense because they are written randomly without considering their association with enchantments.

Meaningless Words in Minecraft Enchantment Table  

Enchanting Table

The Galactic alphabet standard chart allows you to underline several words that have no relation to the English language. These words can be difficult to read and understand. Its main reason can be the words that are abstracted from the Cthulhu novels of H.P. Lovecraft. Remember, these words are not related to the enchanting process; therefore, you should not worry about them.

Moreover, some words do not make any sense and are difficult to pronounce, such as wgahnagl, xyzzy and more. These words are meaningless and do not belong to any language. Hence, instead of finding the meaning of these words, try to craft possible enchantments to increase your empowerment against mobs and other players.

Remember, the Enchanting Table language is famous among the Minecraft community because they use this table to create secret sentences and words. It is fun to use this language in your daily conversation. Some platforms have a special translation feature to translate English into the enchanting table language. Write an English sentence that can encrypt this sentence into Galactic alphabets. 

If you want to read the enchanting language in Minecraft, use a translation chart. For translation, take screenshots of the cryptic in-game language. Due to the Java edition, you can use the F2 key to take a screenshot on PC. Window users can press Win + Prt Sc to take screenshots instantly.

Now you have a screenshot to translate with a language translator or an SGA chart. You can use the chart to compare the language and convert it into the enchanting table language. Spacing works similarly in the case of both English and the SGA language. Every symbol represents a particular English letter without any difference between lowercase and uppercase letters. 

Language Translators for Enchanting Table Language

Enchanting table language can convey your messages through coded words or phrases. It will be easy with the use of SGA translators. Some people dislike manual translations; therefore, online language translators are available. These are available for iOS, web and Android platforms. See some good options for English to enchanting table translation.


LingoJam is famous for offering SGA translation layouts. It is a suitable option for translation into several functional languages. You can do it easily by putting English words on the left and getting SGA translation on the right of UI. Additionally, it is useful to create random sentences. Remember, you should not worry about ads while using LingoJam.


You can translate the Enchanting Table Language while playing the Minecraft pocket addition game with friends. Some free alternatives, such as SGA (Standard Galactic Alphabet) on Apple and Google Play stores, are available. Every store has a different developer, but their functionality is the same. You can copy your text, and enter and translate it into an enchanting language without any problem.

Uses of Enchantment Table Language

You will find SGA in the Minecraft enchantment table, and there is an unlimited supply of random words. See the random words of enchanting table language.

Several words from the enchantment table language have no meaning. Some of these words have expected value. You can see enchantment names by hovering the cursor over the SGA text. Additionally, non-English words are not random, and several words are taken from Cthulhu novels. 

Numerous words are from Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. The meaning of this phrase is dead Cthulhu waits, dreaming dead at R’lyeh in his house. You will find these words in Minecraft from developers as Easter eggs. Indeed, these words do not have a deeper meaning.

Readability of Enchanting Table

The language is readable using a translation chart or the best translator app. You will find 26 symbols representing every English letter. Several words are meaningless, and these have no use in the game. Remember, SGA (standard galactic alphabet) is a symbolic fictional language introduced in the Commander Keen video game. Minecraft and Quake 4 reused some words as an enchanting table language.

Why do you need SGA for Minecraft?

As we mentioned before, SGA is used to describe random phrases and words. For this reason, learning SGA may not impact the enchanting process or your gameplay. It could be fun to understand cryptic text for your game. Remember, you cannot write or use SGA in Minecraft.

Tricks to Read Enchanting Table Easily

With the help of an enchanting table, it will be easy for you to read the enchanting language of Minecraft and decode secrets. You may not get its practical value, but it can increase excitement in your game. Several enchantment words are available for Minecraft. If you do not have powerful words, combine them with different options.

Indeed, you can take your gaming experience to another level with the best mods of Minecraft. Cryptic text is embedded deeply in pop culture. You can notice it by carefully measuring Enchanting Table Language.

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